Spare parts

Mahle reservedele sortiment AC Motors

High quality parts from the best brands

Our experience and knowledge sets us apart, when you need spare parts and we are able to advise you. We know the engines, machines, parts, what goes together and what works. That is why you contact AC Motors – because you get the best advise and receive high quality parts from the best brands.

We import spare parts directly from the manufacturer. That means you get the best price and short delivery time – and even faster, if we stock in our own inventory.







Parts directly from the best brands

We always stock more than 2.500 items and have access to more than 1.000.000 items from the best brands – with quick delivery.

We stock direcly from i.e. MAHLE, Elring, Kolbensmith, Wilmink, Maxiforce, Mec-diesel, and many others. You get the best deal with the best advise at AC Motors.

Do you need a brand new or a remanufactured engine? We source the one you need – if we do not already have it. Check our inventory or contact us.

Udvalg af reservedele til motor
Renoveret AMG 63 V8 hos AC Motors

Special tasks and special parts

We do custom and special machine work at our own production facility. We combine our knowledge and skills to high quality work within maching, engine remanufacturing and spare parts.

We sources the parts for the specific tasks and perform the rebuild that you request.

As pictured, where we have CNC milled the cylinders on a Mercedes-Benz AMG V8 engine block from a C63 AMG. We have mounted new cylinder sleeves and assembled the engine with new parts, including rods, pistons, bearings, gaskets, etc. We have also refurbished the cylinder heads.

Contact us if you need a skilled engine specialist for a rebuild.

Do you have any questions?

– We are ready to help

At our warehouse and workshop in Viborg we are ready with guidance, good advice and a good offer. Telephone or visit us on weekdays between 08.00-16.00.